Splitting Axe With Wedge

Splitting Axe With Wedge

  • Overall Length: 36-91cm Axe Handle
  • Weight: 1kg,2kg,3kg
  • Type: Splitting Axe
  • Axe Head Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • A666 Splitting Axe With Wedge, Axe Head Weight: 1000g,2000g,3000g, Handle Length:36cm Axe Ash Wood Handle, 38cm Axe Wooden Handle, 43cm Axe Wooden Handle,71cm Axe Handle,81cm Axe Handles, 91cm Wooden Handle Axe
  • Axe Head Material: 45#Carbon Steel, Forged
  •  Axe Handle Material:  Wood Handle
  • Surface Treating: Heat-Treated, Fine Polished And Powder-Coated
  • Quenching Hardness: Axe’s Blade(Hrc 46-52)


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