General Cargo Handling Tool-NLLJ8801 I Grip Handle


General Cargo Handling Tool-NLLJ8801 I Grip Handle

  • Heavy Duty Insulated Handle
  • D Grip Handle
  • I Grip Handle
  • Length: 1300mm, 1500mm
  • Product Description: Made Of High Strength Insulated Handle, Used By Deck Crews To Help With The Positioning Of Various Deck Cargos Ranging From Containers, Open Ended Half Height Baskets And Enclosed Power Packs.


  • Standard Length 1300mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, Other Length Can Be Produced Based On Customer’s Requirement.
  • Heavy Duty Insulated Fiberglass Yellow Handle, When Working With Electricity, The Insulated Handle Can Better Protect The User.
  • The Handle Has A Reflective Strip, Which Can Be Clearly Seen When Working At Night.
  • Fitted With Hand Protector And Durable Foam/Rubber Hand Grip.


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